Monday, June 29, 2009

It's All Happening!


So, yes, I know I have been essentially MIA through the internet for a week. But I have been busy getting my butt kicked by this wonderful studio that I am a part of. For more information on that studio, you can go here:

Okay. So, after that rather vague introduction I can delve into what I actually DO do. I'm a half hour away from midtown manhattan, living in Guttenberg, NJ. Guttenberg makes me feel a bit like I'm not on the east coast at all and instead commute every morning from a port town in central america. The population is 98% hispanic, making my measly waspish butt not nearly jiggly enough to compete with the local feminine faire.

I go to class each day of the week and literally am working to transform myself inside and out. This studio is not your standard acting conservatory, it's a place to hone yourself as a person and a performer. By learning who I am completely I can have both the confidence and the ability to play multiple roles without every feeling like I'll leave myself. Most specifically, in these early weeks I am really learning how to appreciate my very vulnerable, feminine attributes and add to them a little more masculinity so that I can actually stand up for myself without bursting into tears. If any of you get the chance to work with Faye Simpson, do not hesitate. Just run there.

As far as my weekends have gone, I hang out during the day in New York City going from place to place. This past weekend I celebrated with my old pal Josh and my college friends who have just moved to the city. We saw a pretty excellent show on sunday called 'The Pied Pipers of The Lower East Side' by a theatre group called The Amoralists ( The show itself was exceptionally written and very well acted despite being a overkill in its volume levels. I know what they mean when they say "play for the space you are performing in" now.

And sometimes it's just fun to drink in the middle of Manhattan on a friday night.

Finally...Josh and I were meandering down 24th street when we witnessed the strangest sky. It was especially creepy, because people began taking out their cameras to take pictures of the clouds. A little reminiscent of the beginning of a horror/sci-fi flick. Fortunately giant sea monster zombie aliens didn't fall from the clouds and begin eating New York City, and I was left with a neato picture.

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