Friday, July 11, 2008

Whiney Wine

I'm watching CNBC, and Jim Cramer is so much calmer in interview than he is in "mad money". I actually hate "mad money". It's very obnoxious.

Okay, so, in summation of my past few days:

money was spentzzz
muncie was driven to
'being there' was being watched by me, and being loved by me

Seriously. Seriously, 'being there' was amazing. Not only was the story completely heartwarming, and Peter Sellers made me completely fall in love with him to a Jim Henson extent, but it was chock full of 70s television goodies. For example, this little gem:

It's...It's just amazing. Amazing!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


These hot days of summer have me wanting to do nothing but drink iced ravenswood and listen to buffalo springfield.

A free gift for anyone who happens on this godforsaken page: the best song to listen to in the evening in the summer

Kahuna Sunset by Buffalo Springfield

And a really wonderful short: