Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So I've been not very diligent about keeping this blog regularly updated. But here we go-one big swoop!

Things have been slightly crazy around this part of the midwest lately. Yesterday, I was driving in a car with my mother and brother, and huge chunks of hail started falling from the sky. The car was driven under a gas station and we waited until it cleared up. As we drove back towards my neighborhood, we noticed that several houses had gaping holes in them, and there were trees knocked over and car windows shattered. It hit so much harder toward my parent's house! Our deck chairs had been knocked into their pool and all of the windows in the front of our house were shattered.Here's a little peak at the size of the hail:

All of those dots in the grass are hail balls as well.

Dumb summer storms.

Otherwise, I've been working begrudgingly at a cafe near my parents house and helping my mother put together a garage sale. It's sad to part with nostalgic things. I simply had to rescue the stuffed tiger my father gave me 1988, no one would love him the same way I did.

My grandfather offered to give us some stuff to sell at the garage sale, and yesterday I went to his house to collect the goods. I love going to their house, because my grandmother was a pack rat. It's like a museum in there! Each time I go, I find myself taking little oddities to remind me of her.

Remind me of her, because last year she died. I loved my grandmother dearly, and I miss her so very much. She grew up in Alabama during the great depression and lived in Indianapolis during WWII, where she danced with soldiers at USO parties. When you looked at her hands, and into her eyes you saw so much heartbreak, love, and warmth. I've been collecting things and made a mini shrine to her

That is a depression-era glass vase, a picture of her when she was in her twenties, and a 1950's wallet I found buried in a chest in her house.

And this is her turban, something I've been wearing more and more of:


thebackdrifter said...

you are cutie

Lauren Ashley said...

We (family) went to dinner and I wore the purse I got from your garage sale today. I found a note in it about a doctor's appointment from Grandma Opal and I love the purse double now because it was hers