Friday, April 24, 2009

What I wore today

It was the first day where I could leave the house without the aid of a coat or at least a cardigan. 83 whole degrees!

Here is the celebration attire:

Although when I left the house, I noticed all the trees on my block had been cut down over night to put in new power lines.
It disheartened me until I rounded the street corner and saw a field of little purple flowers, and then it seemed like every tree was in full celebration mode. Flowers, glorious smells. And tonight, I'm going to a carnival! Very recently, as in the past ten minutes, I almost caught my boyfriend's kitchen on fire. Apparently putting a brownie in the microwave for a minute results in some disastrous things.


Justin Shimp said...

you are a twig... said...

Oh I love this outfit, so cute. Thank you for stopping by my blog ^_^

Oh goodness, it's sad they chop down trees for new power lines. Why can't power run UNDERGROUND? It would make our world so much prettier. A lot of larger cities have power lines underground, but then I suppose it's because they don't have much room for them above ground (let alone trees) But at least there were flowers!

Lauren Ashley said...

I got a new blog with almost the same must re-add me, best friend in the whole world.
by the way, what's around the waist of that dress? is it a belt, a ginormous pin, or just a weird spot on the picture?
i like it though
let's go shopping soon.

Lauren Ashley said...

update your blog, woman! i miss seeing pictures. although i will see the real you in two days, so i guess that's better